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1. Section “Photostream”:

Here are some examples:


The Austrian version of the TV show Shark Tank (USA) or Dragons’ Den (UK) is called “2Min2Mio”, in which the #INOPTEC succeeded.


Team photo before entering the 2Min2Mio show.
From left to right: #WolfgangGaerberDesign | #MartinBayerDesign | #RalfGJKnoll | #ElenaPirvuPMBC

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2. Section “Shareholder & Associates Meeting (SOM)”:

Here are some examples: 


KCG’s Shareholder & Associates Meeting (SAM), Royal Dublin Society, RDS Members Club, Dublin, IE.

KNOLL Capital Group KCG Holding London UK_0001.jpg

KCG is mainly active in London, UK, as it is the financial hub of Europe.
The registered company seat (currently Birmingham) will also be in London soon.
However, since KCG is globally open, we have investors from the US and worldwide.

Link to the Section “Shareholder & Associates Meeting”

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INOPTEC Channel:  Please find the playlists on “migraine” and “car accidents”. The videos are from independent medical Professors and safety experts.

Founder’s Channel:  Learn more about the hybrid corporate philosophy by understanding the background/values of KCG founder, Ralf G.J. Knoll. 

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There is also another YouTube Gallery with all the technology statements given on the EPIC and OPTICA expert channels: