KNOLL Capital Group Ltd. is a non-public financial holding company which steers INOPTEC-related activities and distributes profits to its business partners.

This financial holding company is the 100% owner of start-up subsidiaries and thus represents an overall start-up company structure comprising the holding company itself and:

1) INOPTEC Ltd. | UK & DE | Company No.: 077 34 246

2) INOPTEC GROUP IRELAND Ltd. | IE | Company No.: 646774

3) KNOLL MEDIA Ltd. | UK | Company No.: 077 34 225

The goal is to foster this start-up company structure and its unique and disruptive human enhancement technology and shareholder value as follows:

KCG is an open-end evergreen fund – which aims to deliver at least a Return on Investment (ROI) 10-fold within 7 – 10 years (IRR > 40%) – plus an additional 20% LP per annum accumulating in 1st rank; the shares are free tradeable (no lock-up periods), with automatic profit distribution (no need to sell the shares).

KNOLL Capital Group Ltd. Share Price Development until 31.12.2022
KNOLL Capital Group - KCG Share Price Development untill 31.12.2022

1. Where does the value of KCG Holding come from?

  1. The driving force is INOPTEC Ltd., which owns all the patents and know-how around its disruptive Vision Enhancement System! (1bn USD market)
    KCG, in turn, is the 100% owner of this INOPTEC subsidiary and is, therefore, the valid owner of all patents and further assets, according to tax law:
    The value of the patents/assets is reflected in the KCG holding company — and not (as one would think) in INOPTEC.
    STATUS QUO:  Up to now, the main driver of the KCG share price has been an increasing number of international patents, but with future profits from product sales (see last bullet point in this section), the share price will further increase.

  2. Secondly, INOPTEC (or other subsidiaries under KCG) are to be sold later, which is referred to as an “exit” (10x ROI envisaged) – and then all profits flow into KCG and are distributed there “automatically” according to the company’s statutes.
    This is also why you never have to sell your shares – their ownership “feels like a bond”.

  3. Thirdly, the overall company structure will also be optimised for tax purposes through an Irish intermediate holding company, which will also be the sales headquarters for Europe — possibly beyond.

  4. THE FUTURE:  INOPTEC’s business plan is very stable and unique because there are no competitors, our products are patented, and the focus is only on “urgent need markets” where customers are willing to pay “any price” for our wearable tech devices and eyewear.
    The goal is to sell these products, mainly B2C as a brand, similar to the business cases of Apple, Samsung, Fitbit, Garmin, Polar, etc.
    Hence, the patents above are still salient over time, but the KCG share price will soar as soon as INOPTEC’s profits gradually become more dominant.

    This unique proposition leads to high growth and significant profits – see Slide#2 of 16, which you can DOWNLOAD here.

2. Why did people invest? — apart from the aforementioned ROI expectations.

  • We create win-win synergies to forge common interests among partners and team members.
  • Shareholders are participating in a unique network of excellent and bright-minded thought-leaders with similar interests, ethical values, etc. – striving to bring a disruptive world’s first technology to market.
  • Suppliers, manufacturers, B2B clients, big brands, etc., who wanted to become exclusive long-term partners — and part of this lucrative project at the forefront of novel safety & performance technologies.
  • Co-founders and other team members of INOPTEC – to either become serious co-owners or to get some incentive shares (ESOP).
  • Co-branding and similar publicity synergies in media networks.
  • The cherry on top is networking with other investors, and finding new clients or other opportunities at our events.
    I.E., please download the INVITATION to our Shareholder & Associates Meeting 2023 in Dublin, IE, 26–28.10.2023.
    Who are “Associates”?  They are typically entrepreneurs themselves, who are symbolically invested in KCG – which is an alternative pathway to be part of the #foundersclub of K|EnC Ventures. This deliberate overlap/mix ensures that we have enough investors and founders for these events.

3. Who has invested so far?

  • C-level managers, company owners, and executive partners of companies who wanted to become exclusive suppliers, manufacturers, B2B brands, etc. because all KCG investors automatically become INOPTEC’s “preferred suppliers” – as we strive to create a self-stabilising network with mutual support.
  • Business advisors – like successful entrepreneurs with exit experience.
  • Legal experts — such as lawyers and tax advisors.

  • Finance experts — such as bankers, portfolio managers, and stockbrokers.
  • Co-founders and other team members of INOPTEC.
  • Family & Friends of the founder — where also new investors have become friends, as we foster a culture of mutual support.
  • Influencers & Networkers — such as keynote speakers, etc.
  • Purpose-driven investors who are interested in both — social impact (UN SDG, longtermism, effective altruism) and shareholder value.
    The leading proponent who tries to advocate this movement is the founder himself, Ralf G.J. Knoll (CV PDF download)— although fully aware that KCG attracted all sorts of investment characters so far.
    This should change gradually, as the main purpose of this company is mainly to help customers in need, e.g. light-sensitive migraine patients—whilst earning money is a desired side effect to attract (also) classical investors.
    More information on the founder’s background, goals to improve society, and ideals can be found on his YouTube Channel and KCG’s YouTube Channel.
    Ralf G.J. Knoll is still the lead investor – regarding the combination of money invested (> 200k EUR cash) AND time invested (equivalent to> 1 million EUR).

4. Existing Shareholders:

Distinguished shareholders act as brand ambassadors, as most are renowned CEOs from the tech industry.
The KCG shareholder list reads essentially like the industry’s “Who’s Who”, comprising C-level partners from –or associated with– the following companies:

5. Advantages of KCG Shares:

  1. Trade/Sell any time – no lock-up periods, no tag/drag along – freedom is our policy
  2. Diversified portfolio via 1–3 daughters, which is much safer and has a higher ROI
  3. Safety net due to an asset-based LP of 20% per annum (accumulating)
  4. Automatic profit distribution as declared in the company articles, no need to sell – ensured by 5 different “exit scenarios” (write us for more information)
  5. Transparent and fair financial processes  =>  no hidden shareholder side letters  =>  equal rights, equal treatment

Contact Form — only for prospective Partners/Investors

Please refrain from using this contact form for general inquiries regarding the product, pricing, availability, etc. It is exclusively reserved for future investors!

For general inquiries, please visit our contact page, where you will find our info@ email address.

Legal Disclaimer: This contact form is intended solely for prospective investors. However, from a legal standpoint, this is NOT a public share offer! Why? Concrete offers will be dispatched on an individual 1:1 basis (and will be accounted for) – and dispatched only AFTER mutual win-win synergy has been established through exploratory dialogue, which will be initiated strictly via this contact form.

So, if you’re interested in learning more about becoming a partner/co-owner/investor to enjoy the benefits of the KCG share class (ROI > 10x, 20% LP, networking, etc., as outlined above) while making a positive impact (UN SDG goals, saving lives, etc.), please don’t hesitate to contact us via the EMAIL CONTACT FORM below.

By “partner/co-owner/investor,” we refer to ANY role, including potential suppliers, distributors, ambassadors, silent/passive investors, active managers (kind of MBI), etc.

To prevent robot or spam submissions, we kindly request your full name and location (* fields are mandatory).

Since we are fully transparent with our details, we anticipate the same from our future partners. Therefore, we encourage you to provide additional information, such as your website or LinkedIn profile, solely for our PR purposes and not for third-party use.

Optional information in your interest, since providing additional information can enhance our ability to recognise you as a genuine individual and potential partner.

6. Regional focus?

This financial holding company is globally open to suitable partners and anyone who wants to participate and benefit from INOPTEC’s game-changing mission and products.

However, for the moment, just to save travel time, personal meetings and networking events are mainly held in EUROPE: 

Regular meetings are held in those countries where we are currently active, like:
Germany, Austria, Switzerland (DACH), Belgium, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland.

In such countries, we tend to focus on the high-tech clusters and technology centres, sometimes referred to as silicon glen, silicon fen, silicon docks, etc.:

We are also excited to meet with you in other high-tech countries like the USA, Japan, or certain parts of Asia.

USA:  We tend to focus on the well-known clusters of  BOSTON  /  NEW YORK   /  SILICON VALLEY (San Francisco, Palo Alto, etc.),  but we will visit our investors anywhere if needed.

More information on INOPTEC and the application of its technology:

Here are our 3 INOPTEC websites:

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1) Main website & team:

2) Applications & Markets:

3) Sales Headquarters:

Legal Disclaimer:

This webpage is not a share offer – neither a private share offer nor a public share offer – but only a homepage for investors who want to find further information or download official documents from the Companies House – GOV.UK.

Also on this KCG website:

As well important, here are 2 more KCG pages:



KNOLL Capital Group Ltd.
69 Great Hampton Street
Birmingham, B18 6EW, United Kingdom
Registered in England and Wales:
Company No.: 07732938

Informal abbreviation KCG

Seat of administration and management in Germany:
KNOLL Capital Group Ltd.
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85406 Zolling
Phone: +49 8167 / 950-1701
VATIN: DE348712255